In Moscow, the program came legendary Dralion Cirque du Soleil

6-16 March at the Sports Palace “Luzhniki” artists will give 15 performances

They are ready to once again cast a spell on the Moscow audience . Legendary Cirque du Soleil has brought to Moscow already eighth on the account shows. East and West meet in the time-tested program Dralion.
Mark Schaub , art director show Dralion:

– Dralion Premiere held in 1999 . For 14 years we have traveled halfway around the world . First performed under its transportable dome , and then moved into the arena option. The idea of the program in conjunction eastern and western cultures , performing traditions .

Main idea – the pursuit of world harmony through the union of East and West , nature and man. Throughout the program on stage four elements interact . For example, in the room , ” Trampoline ” fighting fire with water. But in the final and they come to an agreement.

Tara Catherine Panday , who plays Oceans , Goddess of Water :

– My way – through . Almost the entire program I ‘m on stage . My character represents water . Ocean can simultaneously be harsh , tough and gentle and affectionate .

East meets West in the title already . Dralion – a synthesis of the words dragon and lion. That these animals are symbols of eastern and western cultures . In one of the rooms mythical creatures perform incendiary dance , and while going on behind the scenes .

Kevin Chunk , senior prop show Dralion:

– The dance involves five dralionov , and we have as much as 7 goals. And they are all different , as are made by hand using horsehair , feathers , crystals and stones.

Various national motifs and joined in suits. Fabrics for them were ordered in different parts of the world .

Tatiana Larionov, correspondent :

– The show Dralion used more than three thousand items of clothing. Their sewing took nearly five kilometers web. Each suit is created manually on individual standards and even with the skin color of the actor. Is no less thorough and caring for costumes. In each tour Cirque du Soleil carries with him four dressers and 7 washing machines.

Work lacks everything . After all , for example, shoes regularly podkrashivayutsya manually. This week passes through the hands of masters to three thousand pairs .

Melody Tatani Wood , chief costume show Dralion:

– These shoes from the room ” jumping through hoops ” – our most frequent customers . Artists perform such complex tricks that constantly fly off the soles and socks erased.

While the stage and costumes prepared for the first Moscow performance, the backstage pull flags of 19 countries whose representatives are involved in this program. Sports Palace “Luzhniki” show will show from 6 to 16 March . Then it will go to Minsk.

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